It’s been a long time…

It’s been so long and that’s because it’s been so bad. I couldn’t make an update because Eddie’s health took a different but bad turn.

My baby was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Another test was run and it was discovered he had hepatitis. So a different treatment was administered. I have been multitasking work and looking after him. Thank God his boss understands his condition…calls and visits were coming in since his second day in the hospital and gifts of monies were recieved. Eddie has lots of nice and caring friends. He is home now and am glad it’s the holidays, he will have enough time to recuperate. 

I on the other hand have been enjoying my job and it’s been cool so far. We are off for the holidays and i will be spending it in Eddie’s with Eddie. My man comes first now…i miss my Jolly and vibrant boy.

~ Kokomma


My Eddie is in the Hospital. 

I haven’t been able to get on here because it hasn’t been good down here. Eddie is in the hospital. His condition got worse and we had to go to the hospital. He is now administered after tests prove he has not just malaria but also Typhoid. We came here last night ,i left and came back this morning with food and his clothes and toiletries. He is better this morning and was able to eat a little. I will be here with him for some time. I feel bad and sad…my poor baby is so down.

Please keep Eddie in your prayers.

~ Kokomma 

…missing Eddie

Snuggling with my pillow, wishing i could be with Eddie. I feel so sad for him but am glad he has eaten something. I went to see him from work and i didn’t like his condition. He looked weak and refused to eat. I tried to get him to eat…i cajoled him to no avail. But getting off the phone with him few minutes back,i am happy he has eaten…he wouldn’t lie to me. 

I got home a bit late because of traffic. Took a shower and ate. My elder sister prepared jollof rice…one of my favorites. I enjoyed it and hopped into bed. The light is gone and am here with my thoughts all on Eddie. I know he will be fine in a few days. I will try and see him tomorrow after work…by God’s grace.

~ Kokomma 

…still down and missing my Girl.

I have vomited 3 times today and haven’t been able to eat anything. I don’t have appetite. Kokomma left some minutes ago. It’s so sweet to have her over…if not for her job,i would have wanted her to spend the night. I miss her. She tried to get me to eat but i couldn’t. I will try to have noodles tonight so i can take my drugs. I still feel weak but i will be fine.

– Edet

My Job,my second love.

It’s closing time…work was good today. Even though it’s not my area of expertise ,i am super glad i got this opportunity to acquire knowledge from another area. My boss has just left and it’s about time for me too. All i did today was take minutes of his meeting with department heads…nothing more . I also got an alert today from my bank…i got paid 30 thousand naira from Lacben Pharmaceutical. I told my boss about it and he asked me to go to the finance department. That was where i was told it’s a start off pay to help me kick off and i was handed my pay template which states my salary and allowances . When i looked at it,i couldn’t hide the joy in face. I am simply a lucky girl! I can’t wait to receive my salary when the time comes. I have to go now…i have to lock up. My baby is sick and i have to see him. I don’t know if i can make it to his house and get back to mine on time…i really have to go now.

– Kokomma 

I have fallen ill.

I woke up this morning not feeling myself. My joints were weak and aching me…it could be malaria coming. Its symptoms on me are usually weak and aching joints,headache and a bland taste when i eat. I summoned strength, took my bath,had a cup of tea and drove off to work. On my way i called Kokomma who told me she was almost at the office. I told her how i was feeling and wished her a good day. I sensed the worry in her voice and told her i will be fine. She knows how fast i could go from macho man to a baby when sick. 

I got to work and still not feeling my vibe. I was getting weaker and nauseating. I quickly went to the restroom and the next thing was vomit. It’s been over a year i fell sick and had antimalarial drugs. I couldn’t be like this at work. I went straight to my department head and told him i am sick and can’t stay. He felt bad for me and asked me to go get treatment. 

I cleared my table and drove down to a nearby pharmacy to get my usual medicine for malaria. I had these tablets not quite long ago here at home…i am still weak and just going to lay down.

– Edet

Hello Bloggers!

…got home 20mins ago from work. It was a good day at work. I didn’t really have much to do. I spoke with Kokomma earlier on in the day ; she was so delighted at her new job. It her second at work and from all indications, she’s enjoying it. She particularly delighted about her office. She asked me to come see it but i said not now. I will pay her a snappy visit after her 1 month in the job. She pleaded i drive through from office to take her home . It’s a long drive and off the city centre but i did…i have to…i needed to…she’s my girl. I dropped her off not quite long ago before coming home. I got some movies along the way to keep myself company. 

I am going to have my bath now,eat and get on with my movies.

– Edet